Interesting Finds: August 5 & 6, 2006

by Jason Haley 6. August 2006 08:26

Signal to Noise Ratio = 19:374

Agile stuff
Scott Sehlhorst - Agile Prioritization and Tracking

Career stuff
Mitch Denny - An uneasy post engagement review . . .
Kevdaly - ASP.NET Hoster Evangelism Needed for .NET 3.0 (and no, the name doesn't help)
Darren Rowse - Finding a New Rhythm as a Daddy Blogger

Other stuff
Jesse Ezell - Asynchronous "For" Loops
Marshal Kirkpatrick - Attensa offers two rich enterprise RSS products
zuboss_82 - Client side data binding using xsl
Sam Gentile - CTP and Diagnosing WCF, CAB and other Exceptions and How to use the Service BAT, Exception Handling and Logging Blocks with WCF and CAB
Mitch Denny - My OPML File
Don Demsak - Open Source Projects As A Form Of Community Service
Cristian Amarie - Programmatically change display resolution

Security stuff
Smalltalk Tidbits, Industry Rants - BottomFeeder: Safe from Javascript attacks

.Net 3.0 stuff
LearnWPF - How Can I Create a Glossy Appearance for Elements in WPF?

Web stuff
Steve Schofield - IIS7 - post #1
Trenton Moss - Ten more CSS tricks you may not know

Builder stuff
MikeD - Sandcastle MSBuild target

Xml stuff
XmlTeam - Typed XML programmer -- What are your pains today?
adventurer - XPathmania - Extending Visual Studio 2005 to Support XPath Development

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