Interesting Finds: August 4, 2006

by Jason Haley 4. August 2006 19:41

Signal to Noise Ratio = 16:517

Career stuff
Steve Pavlina - 10 Reasons to Develop Your Technical Skills

Web stuff
wndpteam - A bit about WinInet's Index.dat
Michael Mahemoff - Ajax Design Methodology: A Guide
coboldinosaur - Date Validation With Javascript

Other stuff
Mark Newman #2 - A controllable Notifying Thread Queue with Generics.
Diederik Krols - A Light-Weight Semaphore for Synchronizing CruiseControl.NET Projects
The Igloo Coder - Alt-Tab replacement
Recent Software and Web Development White Papers and Reports - Best Practices Guide to Effective Patch Management
Jayson Knight - Consolas Font -- Great For Visual Studio
Josh Williams - PerfConsole is unleashed…
Scott Hanselman - Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 4
Raymond Chen - The implementation of anonymous methods in C# and its consequences (part 3)
Ayende@Blog - What make me effective developer

Agile stuff
Brian Eastwood - Do remote workers adversely affect Agile development?

Debugging stuff
Jim Holmes - Great Troubleshooting Resource

Code Gen stuff
The Igloo Coder - Requirements from a Code Generation tool

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