Interesting Finds: August 1, 2006

by Jason Haley 1. August 2006 19:44

Signal to Noise Ratio = 25:516

Other stuff
Ennis Ray Lynch Jr. - Accessing Row based data in an efficient and maintainable manner
Nicholas Allen - Advanced Encryption Standard
Eric Sink - Chapter 9: Source Control Integration with IDEs
Martin Fowler - DslBoundary
The Igloo Coder - Free Visual Studio Tips and Tricks ebook
bonlebon - How Shellcodes Work
Harry Pierson - Lang .NET 2006 Symposium
Jamie Cansdale - Reflector Add-In Lives Again ;-)
nwhite - Windows Display Driver Model White Paper on MSDN

Career stuff
Jobs Blog = Another JobsBlog hire tells you what it takes
Rosa Say - ‘Imi ola; Form and Function
Gkunene - Escape Metropolis: Bridging the Divide Between Developers and Architects
Steve Pavlina - How to Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve
ian - Making Work Life Balance a Priority in Your Job Search

Builder stuff
Raymond Lewallen - Continuous Integration Downloads from my presentation
Andrew Stopford - MsBuild script for Sandcastle
Tim Anderson - Tao of the Windows Installer

Debugging stuff
Mike Stall - Empty implementation of ICorDebugManagedCallback
BCLTeam - TraceOptions: An Easy Way to Get Common and Useful Data in Traces [Robert Villahermosa]

PowerShell stuff
PowerShell Team - Encoding Operations Knowledge and Scott Hanselman's Beantown.Net presentation

Source Control stuff
Lifehacker - Hack Attack: How to set up a personal home Subversion server

Web stuff
Phil Haacked - HttpModule For Controlling Custom Headers

Agile stuff
ccalvert - The Agile 2006 Conference
mpuleio - The TDD Pairing Game - Revisited

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