Interesting Finds: July 31, 2006

by Jason Haley 31. July 2006 20:04

Signal to Noise Ratio = 23:683

Web stuff
dglover - Cascading Style Sheets and the Garden of Zen
Microsoft Downloads - ASP.NET “Atlas” July CTP
FederalDev - Calling web services hosted outside of your application with “Atlas”
Scott Guthrie - Common Gotcha: Slow VS 2005 Web Site Build Performance Because of “Dueling Assembly References”
James Clarke - How to programatically grant ASP.NET permissions to a SQLExpress database

PowerShell stuff
PowerShell Team - Suppressing return values in PowerShell functions

Other stuff
Stefan Kuhr - A number of reusable PE File Format Scanning Functions
Craig Dunn - C# Generics, Serialization and testing with Nunit
Chris Sells - Custom Settings Provider in .NET 2.0
Lance - Full Derandomization
The Moth - Glass in C#, an alternative approach
Nicholas Allen - More Symmetric Cipher Suites
Scott Hanselman - PUSHD reminder - it automatically maps network drives
Robert McLaws - Vista Needs More Time: The Entry I Didn't Want To Write

Career stuff
Phil Winstanely - Advice to make you a happier developer
Merlin Mann - Back to GTD: Simplify your contexts
hoskinator - Can you spot a good programmer from 50 paces?
Jeffrey Palermo - Hiring technical people, take 2 - level 100
Eric Wise - Things NOT to do in an Interview
Heather Leigh - Things you should never say to a recruiter, part one…

Food stuff
Jackson West - Dim Sumday: Scallion Pancakes

.Net Community stuff
Thom Robbins - Don’t Forget about BeanTown
Me - Don't forget about DotNetUsers this Wednesday - Blair Shaw: Windows Communication Foundation

Blogging stuff
Emergent Chaos - More thoughts on blogging

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