Interesting Finds: July 27, 2006

by Jason Haley 27. July 2006 20:25

Signal to Noise Ratio = 22:520

Other stuff
Rico Mariani - A nice little article on the fallacy of premature optimization
Jun Feng - Assembly.GlobalAssemblyCache Property
Karl - Being Explicit
Bill Simser - Composite UI Application Block - Soup to Nuts - Getting Started
Raymond Lewallen - Continuous Integration Presentation
Patrick Steele - FTP classes in .NET 2.0
Dan Sullivan - Making Scripts to deploy CLR functionality from SQL Server 2005
Kathy Kam - Old DateTime and Time Zone FAQ
Scott Hanselman - Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 3
Mark DeVilliers - Software Development Life Cycle Models
Lance - The Collected Works of Lance Fortnow
Microsoft Windows SDK Team Blog - Which SDK is right for me?

Web stuff
Michael Mahemoff - Ajax Design Patterns Book
Mike Pope - Arithmetic CAPTCHA control
Nicholas Allen - It Hurts When I Set the User Agent

Career stuff
dan - Beginner's Guide to Careers

Security stuff
Schneier on Security - Bot Networks

Code Gen stuff
The Elder - Codesmith and .NetTiers thoughts

Database stuff
SachinRe - Database Unit Testing & Debugging

.net 3.0 stuff
Microsoft Download Center - Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation Performance
LearnWPF - What do I need to install to get started building WPF applications with the July 2006 CTP?

Design Pattern stuff
Jean-Paul Boodhoo - MSDN Article - Model View Presenter

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