Interesting Finds: Some leftovers from last week

by Jason Haley 25. July 2006 20:35

Signal to Noise Ratio = 19:306

Security stuff
TheElder - .Net Developers Guide to Identity
Nicholas Allen - How Block Ciphers Work and How Stream Ciphers Work

Database stuff
Xaprb - 3 ways to maintain rollup tables in SQL

Other stuff
Scott Hanselman - A half-year Podcasts
Chris Taylor - Basic Application Partitioning
Maryamie - Engineers think differently
Darrell - FolderSize for Windows

Web stuff
Scott Mitchell - Adding Client-Side Confirmation When Deleting and Displaying a Breadcrumb in the Page's Title
J.D. Meier - ASP.NET 2.0 Internet Security Reference Implementation
Jason Gaylord - Creating a Simple Configuration Section Handler Using ASP.NET 2.0
Scott Allen - Dynamically Loading Controls in ASP.NET Is A Pain
Scott Hanselman - How to get Cookieless FormsAuthentication to work with self-issued FormsAuthenticationTickets and custom UserData

Career stuff
J Miller - An infallible mechanism to measure your growth as a developer
Max Goldman - Guest Post: Job competency models - Do they fit business?

Boston stuff
Thom Robbins - Beantown.NET User Group Meeting (8/3/2006): BizTalk Server 2006
Benjamin Day - Beantown.NET User Group Meeting (8/3/2006): BizTalk Server 2006

Patterns stuff
Sam Gentile - Fowler Begins to Update Patterns of Enterprise Architecture

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