Interesting Finds: July 25, 2007

by Jason Haley 25. July 2007 07:12

Database stuff
Kimberly Tripp - "EXECUTE AS" and an important update your DDL Triggers (for auditing or prevention)
Mladen Prajdic - A few maximum limitations for SQL Server 2005
Tony Rogerson - Great book by Adam Machanic - Expert SQL Server 2005 Development … I second that

Web stuff
Nikhil Kothari - Script Class Browsing Utility
Phil Haack - Securely Implement ELMAH For Plug And Play Error Logging

Other link blogs
Matt - 10 Links Today (2007-07-24) … a few good web links in there
Merlin Mann - Featured links for July 24th
Steve Pietrek - Links (7/24/2007)
Jay Patrick - Links for 2007-07-24 []
Sam Gentile - New and Notable 179

Other stuff
Eric Sink - 12: Book Review: 3D Programming for Windows
Dare Obasanjo - A Broadband Connection in Every Pot: Vint Cerf on Google's Vision
Jeff Beehler - Check out the new profiler features
Richard Turner - Dana Epps on RunAs Radio discussing CardSpace
Sara Ford - Did you know... Behold the power of incremental search
Larry O'Brien - Intel Open-Sources Its Excellent Threading Building Blocks Library
Greg - Sysinternals ProcessMonitor v1.2 Released
VBTeam - Today's Performance Webcast Slide Deck and Channel9 Interview (Beth Massi)
Andrew Stopford - UnitTests<T>

Agile stuff
Frank Kelly - Are Agile methods detrimental to your design?

Career stuff
Ryck - Career Change: Is That a Bend or a Crossroads Up Ahead?
Travis Wright - Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret and Top Ten Ways To Use Your Intuition to Make Winning Decisions
John Bristowe - My Chat with Justice Gray - Be a Better Developer in Six Months

Blogging stuff
Scott Reynolds - More on the SubText Conversion
Greg - Scott, Mr. Windows Live Writer Plugin Guy, Lovegrove has released 7 of his 10 WLW Plugs as OSS (via CodePlex)

Powershell stuff
Grant Holliday - PowerShell: Email a log file

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