Interesting Finds: July 24, 2006

by Jason Haley 24. July 2006 20:39

Signal to Noise Ratio = 31:652

Security stuff
via Erik Thauvin - [Jul 24, 2006 11:07 PDT] 12 Links - Beware of Biometric Spoofing

Career stuff
Steve Pavlina - 10 Myths About Self-Employment
Merlin Mann - 43F Series: “Back to GTD” and Back to GTD: Do a fast “mind-sweep”
Charles Petzold - Book-Writing Advice
Tim Stall - Certification: Pro vs. Con.
rplant - Hyper-Competition and Differentiation

Other stuff
adargel - A Custom Business Objects Helper Class.
Jason Sacks - Animating Traffic Map Image Data Using WPF
alanpa - Designing Tests
Dan Fay - Lang .NET 2006 Symposium (July 31-Aug 2)
Charles - Matt Pietrek - Visual Studio Diagnostics
martin Pelikan - MEDAL gathering: Kumara Sastry on efficiency enhancement of EDAs
Jim Holmes - SnagIt Roolz!
greg - Top 5 [.Net Related] Web Service Mistakes
Omar Shahine - New SlickRun Beta

Agile stuff
James Shore - About This Course

Web stuff
preishuber - extending RSS format with namespace and use it with IE7 RSS API - Get an instant thumnbnail of any webpage
Google Blogoscoped - Handle the Mouse Wheel With JavaScript
okoboji - DatePicker and expand-a-node in TreeView: updates to the Bag-O-Tricks for the July CTP
Peter A Bromberg - IMAGE2HTML - Image to Html Conversion Reloaded!
Scott Guthrie - Recipe: Implementing Role Based Security with ASP.NET using Windows Authentication and SQL Server
bonlebon - Use JavaScript to Create a Scrolling Grid

Community stuff
Chris Bilson - Portland Code Camp 2
Chris Sells - Portland Code Camp: Wow!

Networking stuff
Microsoft Downloads - Server and Domain Isolation Using IPsec and Group Policy

Mobile stuff
cenet - Where can I find sample code to do XML parsing on WinCE?

Builder stuff
greg - WixTrim - WiX Designer (with C# 2 Source)

Source Control stuff
Lars Trieloff - SVK, the SVN without the .svn

PowerShell stuff
Scott Hanselman - XSLT with Powershell

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