Interesting Finds: July 17, 2006

by Jason Haley 17. July 2006 19:23

Signal to Noise Ratio = 23:542

Other stuff
Scott Allen - 50 Ways to Kill a Process
Josh Ledgard - Aaron's UI Design Blog: Ux and UI Design Book Recommendations
ianhu - Depends.exe and working with assembly dependencies
rolsen - Five Steps To Kicking Off A New Software Project
Bil Simser - Introducing, SharePoint Knowledge Base!
A! - IP addressing for Engineers - Good Bookmarker
Adam Machanic - Reversing a string in .NET
Roy Osherove - Understanding the different generic collections in .NET (List, BindingList, Collection)

Security stuff
Emergent Chaos - A Few More Thoughts on Disclosure
chsecblo - Microsoft Private Folder 1.0

Agile stuff
Travis - Agile Day Here @
mpuleio - Another Agile blog at Microsoft
James Shore - Sit Together
The Igloo Coder - When are scheduled code drops not enough?

Mobile stuff
Rick - Cingular’s Mobile TV…
Jim Wilson - Device Emulator 1.0 Shared Source Available

Testing stuff
vmassol - Easy unit testing of File operations

Builder stuff
dmckinstry - Hints for expediting Team Build script development

Web stuff
Kevin Lawver - Microformats for APIs - NeatUpload a nice and useful open source project

Career stuff
JobsBlog - The Art of the Resume: How to make a lifetime impression in just 40 seconds…
Dan Hounshell - The Must Read Book of the Holidays - Windows Developer Power Tools
cdnitmgr - Training and Budgets: Make the Most of Your Limited Training Dollars

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