Interesting Finds: July 15, 2006

by Jason Haley 15. July 2006 19:05

Signal to Noise Ratio = 16:237

Web stuff
Miguel Castro - A little detail about anonymous profiles
Rob Howard - Community Server 2.1, Beta 1 Available
Peter A Bromberg - How to make Asynchronous WebService WebMethod Calls

Security stuff
Mitch Denny - Brute force attacks are silly, but . . .

Other stuff
Joe Duffy - Checking for sufficient stack space
iwdu150 - HTML Text Box Control

Design Patterns stuff
James Avery - In Search of Windows Forms Patterns
Mike Peretz - Logging using the Composite Pattern
Steve Pietrek - Model View Presenter (MVP) Links

Database stuff
SachinRe - Database Unit Test Verification and Types of database unit tests

PowerShell stuff
Scott Hanselman - ScriptBlock and Runspace Remoting in PowerShell
PowerShellTeam - Variable expansion in strings and here-strings

Career stuff
diggerdanh - Tellus is looking for .NET Developers
Sam Gentile - Windows Developer Power Tools
Maryamie - Working from home vs. working from the office: which one should you choose?

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