Interesting Finds: July 12, 2006

by Jason Haley 12. July 2006 20:12

Signal to Noise Ratio = 17:667

Debugger stuff
Mike Stall - #line hidden vs. DebuggerNonUserCode attribute
ianhu - Fuslogvw.exe and diagnosing .NET assembly binding issues

PowerShell stuff
Leon Bambrick - An Abolute Beginner's Babysteps In PowerShell…
PowerShellTeam - Type Shortcuts

Other stuff
greg - Another Shot Fired in the Virtualization Battle, Virtual PC 2004 is Now Free
Brandon Bray - Behind the Design: Handles and Templates and Generics
Rico Mariani - Cost of array bounds checking -- one experiment
Mike Stall - Experiences with FxCop and wrapping the native debug API

Data stuff
Microsoft Download Center - Behind the Scenes: Improvements to Windows Forms Data Binding in the .NET Framework 2.0, Part 2 Sample Code
Tony Rogerson - Collations in SQL Server, examples and restrictions

Web stuff
Sara Ford - Best Practice Analyzer for ASP.NET (alpha version) Released!
Dave Burke - CSSBloom Feed Depresses in Large Doses
Scott Guthrie - Recipe: Enabling Windows Authentication within an Intranet ASP.NET Web application
Scott Watermasysk - ScottWater.CS.Module Pack Iib

Best Practices stuff
The Ingloo Coder - Function and Method Naming Standards

Vista stuff
Kenny Kerr - Windows Vista for Developers – A New Series

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