Interesting Finds: July 11, 2006

by Jason Haley 11. July 2006 19:31

Signal to Noise Ratio = 19:613

Other stuff
greg - "Regular Expression File Renaming Utility"
Jim Holmes - Announcing Our Book! (Windows Developer Power Tools)
Don Box - Contraflow and Operations
Kimberly Tripp - Designing for Performance - opinions, tips, tricks, techniques?!
Tim Anderson - Don't use Java Enterprise Edition
Shawnfa - Every CLR has Independent CAS Policy
Chris Sells - Functional Language Summary
Iqbal Khan - NCache provides Distributed Caching for Enterprise Library 2.0
Scott Hanselman - Scott Hanselman: Developer Productivity Tools Video Part 1
BCLTeam - What causes services to hang around after uninstallation? [Katy King]

Web stuff
Jay Kimble - Atlas Sample: In-Place Editing
Dario Solera - HTTP Compression - Quick and Dirty Solution
Duncan Mackenzie - Source Code formatting/coloring (colouring!) for your ASP.NET web site

Mobile stuff
Peter Van Ooijen - Connecting to the local network from the Smart Device emulator

Career stuff
Larry O'Brien - Getting Things Done With OneNote 12
Google Blogoscoped - Preparing For a Software Engineering Interview

Blogging stuff
Tod Hilton - Link Dumpv2006.2 … he keeps this up, I can retire from Interesting Finds ;)

Debugging stuff
Sysinternals - TechEd On-Demand Webcast: Windows Hang and Crash Dump Analysis

.Net 3.0 stuff
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