Interesting Finds: July 8, 2006

by Jason Haley 8. July 2006 08:32

Signal to Noise Ratio = 24:401

Other stuff
Larry O'Brien - .NET Parser Roundup
Scott Mitchell - August's Toolbox Column in MSDN Magazine
Dave Burke - Geek Smatterings: A Blog Engine, ScottW Couldn't Wait, BodyNet, a Booklist, iTunesLib
Benjamin Day - Great book: "Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System"
Mike Pope - On error messages
Lifehacker - The instant online whiteboard
Scott Guthrie - Tip/Trick: Custom formatting HTML in Visual Web Developer and Visual Studio 2005
Keith Combs - VPN Is Dead - here's your new killer app

Security stuff
John Bristowe - [Announcements] Microsoft Threat Analysis and Modeling Tool v2 RTM (Via Dana Epp)
Schneier on Security -
Robert Hurlbut - Threat Analysis and Modeling Tool v. 2.0 (RTM) is available

Database stuff
Sahil Malik - All about storing binary blobs in the database.
sqlclr - SQL Server 2005 Debugging Requirements
mssqlisv - SQL Server 2005 UNICODE considerations.

Career stuff
Scoble - Anil has a post every blogger should read
The Moth - Beta lifestyle
Scott Reynolds - Fishing in the shallows – The Story of the Small Market Developer.
Jeff Sandquist - The Five Temptations of a CEO

Builder stuff
Martin Fowler - Buildix

Community stuff
Mitch Denny - By the Community, For the Community
WebDevTools - By The Community, For The Community

Web stuff
Om Malik - Coghead, A New Web App Machine
H. Steele Price, IV - Extracting a Menu Hierarchy from SQL 2005

Debugging stuff
Steve Schofield - Troubleshooting process

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