Interesting Finds: July 5, 2006

by Jason Haley 5. July 2006 06:45

Signal to Noise Ratio = 16:387

Database stuff - An observation about database systems (relational and otherwise)

Other stuff
Sahil Malik - Authenticate (forms based) against an NT Domain in ASP.NET - Without using Kerberos!!
The Igloo Coder - Code Naming Conventions, The Series and Consistency through Convention
Jim Holmes - Estimation Basics
optionsScalper - F# Articles on ASPToday - 10 day free trial viewing
Peter Provost - Guidance Automation Extensions and Toolkit: June 2006 Release
dzone - hoskinator - Object Orientation and Design Pattern articles and bonlebon - Real-World Experiences With Hibernate and diego parrilla - The Salary of Top and Average Developers
fmarguerie - Static method reflection
cgreen69 - Winforms Model View Presenter

Builder stuff
Fear and Loathing - Automating your Web Part builds (and distribution) with WPPackager and Nant

Web stuff
cceye - Forbiden Direct Download HTTP FILTER
Steve Schofield - IIS Resources

Career stuff
cdnitmgr - Solution Scenarios and People Stories in Corporate IT

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