Interesting Finds: June 30, 2006 AM

by Jason Haley 30. June 2006 08:04

Signal to Noise Ratio = 28:549

Web stuff
Damon Payne - and CSS2
Jose Lema - CS Spotlight: Extended User Data
Scott Guthrie - Free Patterns and Practices Guidance Explorer for ASP.NET and .NET
Scott Watermasysk - IE 7 Beta 3
Fritz Onion - Extreme ASP.NET: Asynchronous Web Parts
Jeff Prosise - Web App Follies: Keep Sites Running Smoothly By Avoiding These 10 Common ASP.NET Pitfalls

Blogging stuff
Darren Rowse - AdSense add Referral Program Channels

Database stuff
Tony Rogerson - Assisting Concurrency by creating your own Locks (Mutexs in SQL)
sqlclr - Exception handling in SQLCLR and Overview of T-SQL and CLR debugging in SQL Server 2005
Bryan Bell - Roll Your Own SQL Server 2005 Database Diagrams

Agile stuff
Jim Holmes - Book Review: Extreme Programming Pocket Guide
Steve Eichert - How to prevent an agile face plant

Other stuff
Chris Peitschmann - C# .NET: Convert System.Drawing.Color to HTML color … always nice to see this done the easy way, I've see to many people do it the hard way.
Scott Hanselman - Capturing Video a Web Camera using WIA - Not Possible? and Hanselminutes Podcast 22
Felice Pollano - CodeDOM bug in PrivateImplementationType
Eric Jarvi - Improving Application Startup Time
Kenny Kerr - Beyond WinFX: Transactions, Aero Wizards, And Task Dialogs In Windows Vista
Steve Lamb - How to list running processes and kill them via the command line … cool I should be able to do this with the MakeMeAdmin prompt ...
Payam Shadjai - Web Services and the Microsoft Platform

Community stuff
Don Demsak - Calling All New Jersey IT Professional (ITPro) and/or Developer Bloggers

Debugger stuff
Mike Stall - Debugger won't properly evaluate C#s base keyword

Security stuff
Schneier on Security - Economics and Information Security
scotts - Identity demands pass in full trust scenarios

Career stuff
Presentation Zen - If your idea is worth spreading, then presentation matters
AlfredTh - Lectures, Meetings and Real Learning

Mobile stuff
CE Base - New Powertoy Released

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