Interesting Finds: June 29, 2006 AM edition

by Jason Haley 29. June 2006 08:06

Signal to Noise Ratio = 26:483

Community stuff
Ingloo Coder - My Start Up Stories … a great set of entries about starting a User Group and what it takes to keep it going
Julia Lerman - INETA Live Webcast: Best Practices for Running a User Group (today at 3pm EST)

Debugging stuff
Mike Taulty - (Via Matt Pietrek) New Vista API's for Analysing Blocked Threads
Mike Stall - How to build Mdbg apps

Mobile stuff
via Erik's Linkblog - [Jun 28, 2006 16:04 PDT] 21 Links - Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0
Jim Wilson - Multiple Cab Install, Conditional Cab Install and the Windows Mobile XML Configuration System

Agile stuff
Espresso Fueled Agile Development - Agile Game Development
James Shore - Epilogue

Web stuff
Dare Obasanjo - Authentication and Web APIs
Gokmen BULUT - Calling Web Services From Html Pages

Career stuff
Heather Leigh - Career Networking Event in Redmond, WA
Lifehacker - Do you really need an MBA?
Christine - Five Etiquette Commandments for Contractors
Michael Stiefel - My Thoughts on Weinberg's the Psychology of Computer Programming
Michael Harris - Underpaid? Overpaid? Try This Website for Lots of Pay Surveys
Max Goldman - Your employer is taking advantage of you

.Net 3.0 stuff
Jason Zander - .NET Framework 3.0 Install White Paper
Darrell Norton - Microsoft Expression Graphic Designer Tutorials

Other stuff
Igloo Coder - Hacknot's handbook on Technical Leads
Steve Pietrek -
Recent Software Development Management White Papers and Reports - Waiting for Microsoft

Database stuff
Euan Garden's blog - I/O subsystem requirements for the tempdb database
Tony Rogerson - Listing User - Functions, SP's, Tables and Views (SQL Standard/SQL 2000/SQL 2005)

Blogging stuff
Rod Boothby - Ramping up a successful blog
Darren Rowse - The Impact of AdSense Ad Positioning

Xml stuff
Karthik R N - XSL Transformations in .NET 2.0

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