Interesting Finds: June 27, 2006 PM edition

by Jason Haley 27. June 2006 13:21

Signal to Noise Ratio = 23:662

Agile stuff
Sam Gentile - Agile Team Gets Full Pairing Stations
Steve Eichert - What happens when an Agile team falls flat on their face?

Other stuff
Frans Bouma - Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Jimmy Nilsson
Phil Haacked - Building Plugins Resilient To Versioning
Marco Zaratti - CCESocket: a general purpose TCP/UDP socket class for WinCE
Tom Hollander - July Community Drop of Web Service Software Factory
MelSam - Microsoft Consolas Font Pack for Visual Studio 2005 (Free)
Microsoft Downloads - Network Diagnostic Tool (KB914440)
Peter Huber SG - POP3 Email Client (.NET 2.0)

Web stuff
Richard Bean - Automatic Documentation Generation in ASP.NET Applications
Brendan Tompkins - Create Unlimited Subdomains with HTTP Modules

Builder stuff
dzone - imeshev - Avoiding Build Breakage Patterns In Continuous Integration
Karl - TDD Lesson 2 - Continuous Integration

Blogging stuff
Darren Rowse - Bloggers and Money Session at BloggerCon

Community stuff
Miss Rogue - Community building takes patience
Jean-Paul Boodhoo - Thinking About Starting A User Group?

.Net 3.0 stuff
Aaron Skonnard - Downloading and installing .NET 3.0 (previously WinFX) June CTP … bookmarked for long weekend project
Charles Petzold - June CTP Impact
Jim Holmes - Seriously Good Webcasts
jritmeijer - Windows Presentation Foundation - Day 4 - Optimizing video performance

Career stuff
Michael Harris - Fundamentals of Being a Good Trainer/Presenter

Debugger stuff
Mike Stall - Random ICorDebug trivia about debugging AppDomains and Source posted for snapshot tool

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