Interesting Finds: June 26, 2005 AM edition

by Jason Haley 26. June 2006 07:20's rss feed seems to be messed up today (and yesterday) or my omea reader is putting wrong authors with wrong blogs … not sure which - so if I sourced something wrong, let me know.

Signal to Noise Ratio = 18:371

Web stuff
ieblog - A Caching Issue in IE7 Beta 2 and An XMLHTTPRequest tip
Richard Bean - Client Side in ASP.NET: Common Javascript Functions
Don Demsak - Time To FInd a New Web Hosting Company

.Net 3.0 stuff
Charles Petzold - An Animation Involving a Text Geometry

Other stuff
PowerShellTeam - Finding the static methods of a class and Improved Support for WMI
micmelly - Line Numbering of RichTextBox in .NET 2.0
rrasblog - Network Performance factors and numbers for RRAS
jfo's coding - Quickly finding a file in a solution
Leon Bambrick - Very detailed and serious comparison of functional and imperative programming styles

Agile stuff
mpuleio - How do you keep your daily stand-up on track?

Debugging stuff
via dzone - bonlebon - Introduction to Debugging

Security stuff
Jesper - Please don't disable security features, at least while we are testing them
chsecblo - The Layman's Unconventional Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Career stuff
mamamusings - simple (but not easy) advice

Mobile stuff
John Papa - Smartphone Skills: Part 03 - Development Environment

Database stuff
irenak - SYSK 144: A Faster Way to Get a Total Number of Rows in a Table

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