Interesting Finds: June 25, 2006 AM edition

by Jason Haley 25. June 2006 08:41

Signal to Noise Ratio = 14:227

Career stuff
Darren Rowse - 10 Things Every Reader Wants from a Writer
Somasegar - An interesting quote

Other stuff
Tom Hollander - Guidance Automation Extensions and Toolkit: June 2006 Release
Joe Duffy - My take on the BillG thing
tmintner - Powershell command to see what’s installed
Larry O'Brien - The Haar Transform

Web stuff
dzone - 9 Ways to Misunderstand Web Standards
Richard Bean - Dynamic User Interface in ASP.NET Web Applications
Karin Huber - Fixed Headers in large HTML Tables
Rick Strahl - Understanding how <% %>expressions render and why Controls.Add() doesn't work

Security stuff
Emergent Chaos - Breach Roundup: 6/17 - 6/24

Blogging stuff
frankarr - Giving Thanks : A Meme Grows

Database stuff
Rob Caron - Jon Baker's Review of Team Edition for Database Pros

Agile stuff
Jeremy Miller - TDD with Loops and Aggregated Operations

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