Interesting Finds: June 24, 2006 AM edition

by Jason Haley 24. June 2006 08:47

Quite a bit of chatter today about the June CTP releases.

Signal to Noise Ratio = 27:502

Other stuff
Sam Gentile - .NET Framework 3.0/WinFX June CTP is Out!
Sysinternals - Autoruns v8.52
Eric Sink - Five Things Every Micro-ISV Should Know About Intellectual Property
alainler - Guidance Automation Extensions - June 2006 CTP released
BCLTeam - How to use SafeHandle in a Resilient Library [Brian Grunkemeyer]
Ernie Booth - 2D Cell Animation with WPF
PowerShellTeam - Leveraging Windows PowerShell Type Extensions to get documentation and Windows PowerShell documentation
shawnfa - Reducing Startup Time Due To Strong Name Verification

Web stuff
Rick Strahl - Adding Rendering with SetRenderMethodDelegate() - aeh, sort of
dzone - Inside HTTP Headers

Mobile stuff
kevdaly - And development work on Compact Framework blogging tools continues…

Database stuff
Ayende@Blog - Better solution to the Tricky SQL problem
Kirk Allen Evans - Shawn Wildermuth's Article on SQL Server 2005 and XML
mssqlisv - Three significant Cursor changes in SQL Server 2005

Debugging stuff
Pieter Gheysens - Debug Windows Service in Visual Studio .NET

Xml stuff
Robert Shelton - Got some time on your hands and want to build your own XSL Transformation tool?
Dare Obasanjo - Mike Champion on Why We Need XLinq
Alex Barnett - On XSLT and LINQ to XML…

Career stuff
Lifehacker - How to plan a project with a Web-based team
Charles Petzold - On Writing Books
Dwayne Melancon - Presentation pet peeves
thycotic - Presenting without slides
marcod - Running a software company
dzone - Software Team Turnover: Why Developers Leave (And What You Can Do About It)

Agile stuff
Karl - TDD Lesson 1 - Don't worry about starting small
Chris' Dev Tidbits - Test Driven Development is nothing you have to learn. Just do it.

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