Interesting Finds: June 21, 2006 AM edition

by Jason Haley 21. June 2006 08:14

Signal to Noise Ratio = 27:581

Other stuff
findleyd - A great article on functional programming…
FederalDev - Article on “Ensuring .NET Framework 2.0 Compatibility”
mattlind - Confusion among developers: .NET Framework vs. CLR versions
Pradeep Chulliyan - Heap Manager for Allocating Memory from a Shared Memory Segment
BCLTeam - Retrieving the Parent Process of a Child when Multiple Instances Exist [Robert Villahermosa]
William Sullivan - The Power of the Asynchronous Programming Model as Implemented by Delegates
Joe Duffy - A volatile transaction resource manager for memory allocation/deallocation
dzone - All the programming algorithms you might ever need
Rich Lander - Early Adopter Program for CLR v3 -- Who's in?
Anil John - How to prepare for Service Orientation
Casey Chesnut - new article : /speechTextAdv

Agile stuff
Artima Developers Spotlight - Agile Project Management Tool xProcess Available via CollabNet
Jeremy Miller - How much design before unit testing, and how much design knowledge before TDD?
James Shore - Energized Work

Data stuff
ralfw - Freeing Data From the Silos - A Relationistic Approach to Information Processing

Career stuff
Jeffrey Phillips - Motivated to change
cdnitmgr - Top 10 Attributes for an Effective Trainer: Top 10 Keys for Effective Training-Part 1/2
Jason Corsello - 6 Traits of the Next-Generation HR Leader
Jim Holmes - Hire Me!
What’s the next action - My article on Blackbelt productivity
Dan - Preparing For a Software Engineering Interview

Blogging stuff
Darren Rowse - Do you Advertise Your Blog

W* stuff
Karsten Januszewski - Highly Recommended Tutorial for Learning Expression Interactive Designer and New Screencast Showing Workflow Between Graphic Designer and Interactive Designer
Steve Pietrek - WPF Error Provider

Web stuff
David Wang - ISAPI Filter and the IIS6 Process Model

Code Gen stuff
Richard Hundhausen - OlyMars 1.5 Announced

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