Interesting Finds: June 17, 2006: AM edition

by Jason Haley 17. June 2006 09:13

Signal to Noise Ratio = 24:485

Other stuff
Grant Holiday - .NET WebServiceStudio 2.0
Larry O'Brien - 15 Exercises to Know A Programming Language: Part 1 and 15 Exercises to Know a Programming Language: Part 2, Data Structures and 15 Exercises to Know a Programming Language: Part 3, Libraries, Frameworks, and Mashups
sqlclr - Assembly redirection and CLR Integration and Impersonation in SQL CLR
shawnfa - CLR Inside Out: Using Strong Name Signatures
Jeffrey Sax - Double trouble: an interesting puzzle
John Wood - Optimizing Reflection
Martin Fowler - SpecificationByExample

Patterns stuff
Acoustic - A 2.0 Factory Pattern Using Generics
David Hayden - Active Record Using .NET in the Domain Layer
Alessandro Perilli - Book: Patterns: Emerging Patterns for Enterprise Grids

Blogging stuff
Dave Weinberger - A blogging survey

Career stuff
Heather Leigh - All about the interview and When are you least productive?
Lifehacker - How to find out if you're underpaid

Security stuff
Jay Kimble Kimbal - AntiSecurity: How to turn of the %^&* secure IE mode in Windows 2003
Bertain's Blog - Issues with installing MSBee as a non administrator user
Robert Hurlbut - Security Development Lifecycle book and Threat Tree Patterns

Web stuff
David Wang - Be Weary of Stylish Fonts and Commandlines!
Ken Cox - First Look: ASP.NET 2.0 Unleashed

TechEd stuff
Jeremy Jeffrey Palermo - Blogging from Tech Ed 2006 - Brian Button on how to write frameworks - level 300

Agile stuff
Peter Provost - The Key To Adopting Agile Methods

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