Interesting Finds: May 25, 2006 PM edition

by Jason Haley 25. May 2006 17:24

Signal to Noise Ratio = 12:300

Other stuff
S. Ying - A Code Protection Framework For .Net
Maze - A simple solution to see the inside of your code
Adnan Masood - Antlr C# code generation using Visual Studio.NET
Nick Parker - Asynchronous File I/O with Nant
Rocky Lhotka - CSLA .NET updates
Exploration Through Example - Notes toward integration testing (1)
Schneier on Security - The Ultimate Net Monitoring Tool

Web stuff
ieblog - AJAX Experience & Tools

Builder stuff
Jean-Paul Boodhoo - Automating Your Builds With NAnt - Part 7

Career stuff
Mark Goulston - Best Life Possible: How to Make It Happen
Plip - Freelance work is hard

Community stuff
rclaus - Hidden User Group benefits - do you know the power of being connected in a community?

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