Interesting Finds: May 24, 2006 PM edition

by Jason Haley 24. May 2006 17:13

Signal to Noise Ratio = 14:336

Agile stuff
betsya - Being agile, or at least, completely plucky
mpuleio - Roles in an Agile Team

Debugging stuff
Mike Stall - Beware of the Vectored Exception Handler and managed code

Other stuff
stevetei - Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have set the write-only bit…
Keith Combs - It's back !!! - The Book of Windows Vista - download now
Pawel Pabich - Lots of C# open source projects
Shailen Sukul - Multi-threaded file download manager
Michael Dunn - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Shell Extensions - Part IV
BCLTeam - Why does Double.Parse(Double.MaxValue.ToString()) not work? [Anthony Moore]

Career stuff
Om Malik - How To Build A Bullet Proof Start-Up
brents - Rules for Program Management
Dwayne Melancon - Tips for connecting

Web stuff
BrettBlog - IIS Docs have been updated and are now online

Security stuff
Keith Brown - Security questions considered dangerous … I'm looking forward to the book coming out ...

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