Interesting Finds: May 24, 2006 AM edition

by Jason Haley 24. May 2006 06:50

Signal to Noise Ratio = 16:314

Other stuff
Steve Pietrek - Code Smells
Michael Kaplan - Invariant vs. Ordinal, the third
Kirk Allen Evans - Lots of Smart Client Information
Scott Sehlhorst - Non-Functional Requirements Equal Rights Amendment
Ellis Web - Transitioning from Web Apps to Desktop Development
Adam Machanic - T-SQL Variables: Multiple Value Assignment
Jesse Ezell - WPF/E
Scott Hanselman - XPaper - Digital Paper and the Logitech io2 Pen

Web stuff
Joel Thoms - Extending ASP.NET 2.0 security
Dion Almaer - Firebug 0.4: Now with debugger
Windows Live Local/Virtual Earth - Major Update to Live Local ships!
Scott Allen - Reactive Web Development versus Continuations

Career stuff
WebDevTools - Looking for good SDETs to join our team!

Security stuff
Dana Epp - LUA with UAC vs Least Privilege

Seattle stuff
Emergent Chaos - Restaurant Recommendation: Queen Sheba, Seattle

Builder stuff
Windows Installer Team - Tao of the Windows Installer, Part 3

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