Interesting Finds: May 22, 2006 PM edition

by Jason Haley 22. May 2006 16:44

Signal to Noise Ratio = 12:308

Agile stuff
via Erik's Linkblog - [May 22, 2006 12:48 PDT] 22 Links - The Seven Myths of Pair Programming

Web stuff
Rick Strahl - ReflectionPermission requirements in anything but Full Trust in ASP.NET
Brendan Tompkins - WYSIWYG Web Printing with PDF & Response Filters

Book stuff
Joe Davies - Announcing the completion of the "TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows" online book … looks like some good content
Microsoft Downloads Center - TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows

Other stuff
Don Syme - F# 1.1.11 release candidate now available
Sam Gentile - NUnit 2.4 Alpha Available … you might want to read Sam's entry before downloading ...
Jeff Palermo - Resharper 2.0 now released - level 000
Ayende@Blog - Solving the Assembly Load Context Problem

Career stuff
Dave Lefkow - Microsoft and Google's war for talent

Database stuff
james - Sarbanes-Oxley on SQL Server 2005

Security stuff
JD Meier - Security WebCast - Using Security Code Reviews to Quickly and Effectively Improve the Security of Your Applications

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