Interesting Finds

by Jason Haley 17. May 2006 07:44

Signal to Noise Ratio = 21:527

Web stuff
Alex Gorbatchev - AjaxLoad
Dave Burke - Approaching the CS 2.0 Installer in ASP.NET 2.0
Nikhil Kothari - Browser/Scripting Wish List
Ken Cox - E-Commerce Sites - Accepting Credit Cards
Microsoft Downloads - ASP.NET Provider Model

Database stuff
I want some Moore! - Beginner questions frequently asked... and answered…
Adam Machanic - Blogging on Amazon
Ben Jones - New MSDN Article: Scaling Out SQL Server 2005

Other stuff
Josh Ledgard - Big Day for Fans of Source Code - Code for Power Toys Released
Brad Wilson - Collaborative Workspace
Gayle Laakmann - Computer Science Curriculums: Practical or Theoretical
Lance - Graph Theory and the NSA
I want some Moore! - Reverse string in C# and bitwise XOR
Don Dodge - Partnering with Microsoft
Alex Gorbatchev - SyntaxHighlighter in C#

Security stuff
Jesper - I Really Do Not Hate Hardening Guides
Jay Kimble - The one security demo you should watch…

Career stuff
Gayle Laakmann - Interviews Page
Thom Robbins - Microsoft Career Connections Hiring Event
Rajesh Setty - Ways to distinguish yourself #128 Set yourself up to focus better
Steve Eichert - What makes a great leader?

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