Interesting Finds

by Jason Haley 25. April 2006 04:08

Today's Signal to Noise Ratio = 19:437

Other stuff
David Brabant - .NET Topology Suite
Polymorpher - Another Simple VB.NET Binary Tree
Ayende @ Blog - Book Review Part 2: Data Binding with Windows Forms 2.0: Programming Smart Client Data Applications with .NET
mab - How to determine size of object in memory (like a sizeof for reference types)
John Wood - Is OOP Bad for Business?
Scott Hanselman - Open Source versus Source Out in the Open
Jack Vaughan - Review: Red Gate SQL Bundle 5

Career stuff
Better Living Through Software - 1TB Moonshot?
Dan Farber - Learning from the masters: Creating a $1 billion company
Scott Sehlhorst - Targeted Communication - Status Reporting
Jeffrey Phillips - The downside of telecommuting
Mitch Denny - Thoughts on Community Dinners

Local (Boston) .Net stuff
Thom Robbins - Code Camp 5 Sessions Update

Builder stuff
Marc Holmes - Enterprise Solutions Build Framework

Xml stuff
Brenton House - Kirk Allen Evans talks about sorting XML with System.Xml.XPath.XPathExpression

Security stuff
Emergent Chaos - Man Charged For Notifying USC of Vulnerability

Web stuff
Alex Papdimoulis - More Dynamic-er Than Yours
Peter Van Ooijen - RADical ASP.NET in VS 2005 without messing it up right from the start

Agile stuff
Johathan Cogley - Pair Programming Presented

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