Interesting Finds

by Jason Haley 16. May 2006 07:36

Signal to Noise Ratio = 29:519

Web stuff
Chris Cornutt - 134 Ajax Frameworks and Counting
Dave Burke - CS 2.0 on goDaddy ends badly

Other stuff
Chris Pietschmann - A couple cool WinXP TaskBar enhancement tools
Ayende @ Blog - A Few Words About The Decorator Pattern
Recent Software Development Management White Papers and Reports - Align Testing and Business Goals: Best Practices for Optimized Testing and Application Security by Design and Delivering Applications with Confidence: Using Continuous Integrated Testing
Nicholas Allen - Building a Custom Message Encoder to Record Throughput, Part 4
Jamie Cansdale - CodePlex + NUnitLite
shawnfa - Custom Zones and the CLR
Larry Osterman - Making things go fast on a network, part 2
Microsoft Downloads - Performance and Stress Testing Toolkit
adontz - RegEx Tracer
Martin Fowler - ShiftingToCodeOwnership
Michael Dunn - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Shell Extensions - Part II

Career stuff
Johanna Rothman - Architect as Consultant?
tobint - IIS 7.0 UE team is hiring!
ActiveNick - Infusion is hiring folks!!! Do you know anyone who wants a really cool job???
Joe Stagner - My first week in the New Role
Kate Gregory - Ten good rules for employment
Tim Sneath - The Art of Interviewing: A Follow-up
Kathy Kam - Want to work on the BCL?
DavidLem - What's with the "programming test"!?

Book Reviews
Joe Stagner - BOOK REVIEW - IT Doesn't Matter
Jim Holmes - Book Review: Tester's Guide to .NET Programming

Boston stuff
Jeff Julian - Geeks With Blogs at TechEd 2006 Boston
Thom Robbins - New England Regional SharePoint User Group Meeting and Tech Ed 2006 BoF Session

Debugging stuff
AaronBa - Personal Technical History #2

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