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by Jason Haley 1. April 2006 03:31

Today's Signal to Noise Ratio = 22:406

Web stuff
via Erick Thauvin - [Mar 31, 2006 12:48 PST] 10 Links - Java Still Cool?
Peter Van Ooijen - Download a file with a browser, the server side part

Agile stuff
SB Chatterjee - Agile Does Not Scale Very Well - a response
Sam Gentile - Iteration XV and IterationXVI - The One Week Iterations

Career stuff
E-Cruit Blog - Being Googled can jeopardize your job search
Milbertus - Taking Stock of my Programming Skills

Other stuff
Joel Spolsky - Best Software Writing - Volume II
Robert Hurlbut - BoF session for voting: "Developing as a Non-Administrator in XP and Vista"
SandyK - Communities and the stickiness of Q&A vs. T&O
Don Syme - F# for games and machine learning: .NET + performance + scripting
Rocky Lhotka - Forests, trees, testing and design
KathyKam - Format String 101
Karl - Language Proficiency - C# or VB.NET?
Rob Sanheim - Screencast on Diagnosing Memory Leaks in IE
hpyle - What is Groove?
Josh Ledgard - Why Enable Broad Community Owned Moderation?

Code Gen stuff
Dan Radu - DACBuilder – Data Access objects generation tool based on XML and XSL templates transformation

Debugger and Obfuscation stuff
JD Meier - Meeting with Gabriel and Sebastian from PreEmptive
Ayende @ Blog - Obfuscation Question and Wish: Reflector.Debugging
via Mike Gunderloy - The Daily Grind 851 - Spices.Net 5.0 PreRelease is available for downloading

Builder stuff
Paul Welter - MSBuild Community Tasks Project releases new version

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