Interesting Finds

by Jason Haley 21. April 2006 03:29

Today's Signal to Noise Ratio = 15:467

Other stuff
Junfeng Zhang - Alternate Data Stream

Web stuff
Patrick Hynds - ASP.Net Application Pool Gotcha
The Holistic Web - Back to Basics
Scott Guthrie - Cool new IIS7 Features and APIs
David Wang - HOWTO: Retrieve Request Headers using ISAPI, ASP, and ASP.Net
Dion Almaer - New JSF Ajax Component Blueprints

Local (Boston) .Net Community stuff
Dave Burke - Code Camp 5 CS 2.0 Presentation Abstract Submitted to the Thomster … wish I could be there …
Julia Lerman - Code Camp 5 Waltham Mass - keep on submitting those abstracts

Career stuff
Plip - Day 1 as a Freelance Developer - Database Design - Phew!
Heather Leigh - How important is self-awareness in the interview?
JobsBlog - Managing Your Recruiter
Rajesh Setty - Ways to distinguish yourself - #124 Don't rush to a solution

Security stuff
Dana Epp - Educating grandma on the security of her home computer
Schneier on Security - Identity-Theft Disclosure Laws

Agile stuff
Scott Sehlhorst - Getting agile - should we?

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