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by Jason Haley 18. April 2006 03:04

Today's Signal to Noise Ratio = 22:448

Other stuff
Adam Goucher - 3 Pillars of Testing - Pillar Two: Repeatability
Scott Hanselman - Binding the SlickRun HotKey to Windows-R (and my silent quest for a 1970's style green screen console)
KathyKam - Blogging: Tips for a successful post
Le Thanh Cong - Get information about the currently logged-on users - Part 2
Bbrenton House - Using InternalsVisibleTo Attribute with Strong Named Assemblies

Debugging stuff
Greg Gm - A debugging tail

.Net Community stuff
Matthic - Academic discount pricing

Career stuff
Kathy Sierra - Angry/negative people can be bad for your brain
About Career Planning - Career Action Plan: A Roadmap to Your Future
Human Capital and Technology Blog - Competency Management
Jeffrey Phillips - Productive Writing
Dare Obasanjo - Simplifying Your Life

Web stuff
Jay Kimble - Atlas thoughts
Dion Almaer - BadgerFish: Translating XML to JSON
Daniel Zeiss - ComfortASP.NET V0.55
warstar - Embedded Images in Html
Mikhail Arkhipov - Spell Checker for HTML and ASP.NET pages
Alex Barnett - The Unifying Theory of Web 2.0

Obfuscation stuff
obfuscator - Attend Free Webinar on Enterprise Risk Management and Obfuscation
jamesone - Passion: or "What the hell am I doing here ? "

Database stuff
Ward Pond - Database Programming: Just What Were Those Performance Implications, Anyway?

Agile stuff
chrisdonnan - Metrics backing up an agile approach to software development

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