Interesting Finds

by Jason Haley 14. May 2006 10:57

Signal to Noise Ratio = 14:223

Other stuff
Paul Gielens - Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns [ADDDP] is on its way
clichten - MSBee will be on CodePlex
Roy Osherove - My "Deep Reflection" Talk at TechEd - Slides, Demos and links available.
Brad Wilson - My Parting Gift to the CAB Community
smccormack - ORM Presentation Slides for May 9th Meeting
jfoscoding - Plugging in your own templates to Create New Project and Add Item
Simon Holloway, Mike Graber - RFID in Retail: An Introduction
David Brabant - The Gardens Point Parser Generator (GPPG)
Roy Osherove - Why did 2,000 people leave during Steve Sinoflsky's Tech-Ed Talk? Not Just Boredom

Web stuff
Peter Bromberg - ASP.NET Obfuscating the Querystring
Ben Reichelt - Double check your error settings
David Wang - HOWTO: Useful ASP page to retrieve Request and send Response Headers
Jesse Ezell - Microsoft and OpenAJAX
Michael Schwarz - Why is slow…

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