Interesting Finds

by Jason Haley 10. May 2006 19:49

Signal to Noise Ratio = 13:428

Career stuff
Kim Kurtz - “We want people from Agency It.”
peterlau - Fear of Public Speaking >= Fear of Death?!
Josh Ledgard - Hella Helpfull Hints for Hiring Handy Happy Helpers
Michael Harris - Managing the Poor Interviewer: Tips for Interviewees

Web stuff
Chris Cornutt - 7 Reasons Why Web Apps Fail

Other stuff
Sam Gentile - About to do CLR/Rotor Internals at DevTeach
Benjy - BTS Diary II - 3 - Becoming NAnt Infected
Alois Kraus - Call Properties through delegates and pass them by Reference
gduthie - Custom Validation Schemas in Visual Studio 2005
Michaelaffronti - Internet Calendar Subscriptions - Part 1
Microsoft Downloads - Microsoft .NET LINQ Preview (May 2006)
rickbrew - Paint.NET v2.62 is now available
BCLTeam - Using a MemoryStream with GZipStream [Lakshan Fernando]

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