Interesting Finds

by Jason Haley 5. May 2006 19:48

Signal to Noise Ratio = 15:422

Other stuff
Toby Ward - 10 words to describe successful intranets
Stephen Toub - 30
Joe Duffy - A stopwatch for threads and CLR thread-pool and fine-grained concurrency
Don Dodge - Adesso Systems tapping millions on markets of dozens of users

C++ stuff
Kenny Kerr - Another C++/CLI Article

Career stuff
cdntmgr - Career Management: When to Skip Out for a Better-Paying Job
Casey Chesnut - direction change (again)
Mini-Microsoft - FAQ on reviews, promotions, job changes, and surviving re-orgs - Comment Repost
Jayson Patrick - It Was Bound To Happen -- Dave Burke Joins The Telligenti … congrats Dave!!
Dave Burke - Telligent Dreams and Marmalade Skies
Rajesh Setty - Ways to distinguish yourself #125: Periodically re-visit your Plan B
Robert Hurlbut - Working, speaking, and generally busy

Security stuff
Don Kiely - Privacy Violation Hits Home
Nicholas Allen - Using Impersonation with Transport Security

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