Interesting Finds

by Jason Haley 20. April 2006 03:47

Today's Signal to Noise Ratio = 21:638

Security stuff
Jesper - "Temporary" Administrators

Other stuff
Adam Goucher - 3 Pillars of Testing - Pillar Three: Traceability
Yap Chun Wei - A generic, reusable, and extendable matrix class
Dave Burke - A provocative article on Vista Disappointment by Paul Thurrott
Jb in a nutshell - Cecil in action, part 1 and Mono.Cecil 0.4.1
Miguel de Icaza - Continuations for Mono
Scott Hanselman - Hanselminutes Podcast 14
Scott Allen - Remote Desktop Hacks
Mikhail Arkhipov - Troubleshoot HTML/ASP.NET Spell Checker

Career stuff
Dave Burke - A report on my first Go Daddy Community Server 2.0 Install
The Braidy Tester - An Especially Bad Case Of Estimation Gone Awry
Jason McCabe Calacanis - Can bloggers make money debate…
Jim Glass - Growing Your Career
Dwayne Melancon - How do you measure up?
Rod Boothby - Micromanagers & Bureaucracies Vs. Smart Teams
Julia Lerman - RecruitersNOTAnonymous! Gretchen and Zoe - brilliant new company idea

Web stuff
Scott Allen - Assembly Versions and Web Projects
Johnson Smith - Atlas Resource List

Database stuff
Microsoft Downloads - Feature Pack for SQL Server 2005 Apr 2006
Brenton House - Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 Released!

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