How to create an appointment file for Outlook to hyperlink on a web page

by Jason Haley 9. April 2004 10:02

Ever wonder how those sites create a link that will download an appointment to your Outlook calendar? Well if so, here is a somewhat quick and dirty method to do it.

1. Go to your Outlook calendar and create the appointment like you usually would, but choose to save it as a vCalendar Format (*.vcs)

2. Put this saved VCS file on a fileshare or web site so your population can download it.

3. Create a hyperlink where you want to have it "downloadable", like: Microsoft Financial Services Conference: Click to download

Microsoft Financial Services Conference: <a href="">Click to download</a>

You could create an asp page that you could send arguments to and create this vcs file on the fly, but I'll leave that as an excercise for the user.

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