Added an AzureLocalStorage Provider to DBFile

by Jason Haley 23. January 2010 17:06

Tonight I uploaded the following to the codeplex site for DBFile (changeset 38893):

This provider is similar to the FileSystemProvider except it takes a localStorageName that needs to correspond to a local storage named in the Azure project you use it in.  This paired with the AzureBlobProvider will allow you to now persist files in either Azure blob storage or locally on the Azure role’s local storage.

DBFile.AzureWorker.FileService and DBFile.AzureWorker.Host
These 2 projects are the worker project and the cloud service project that can serve as a WCF service to be the server part of the WcfFileProvider (since that provider is for WCF you need both the client and the server) – these 2 new projects allow you to easily host is in Azure now.   The config file settings are the same as the non Azure WCF service uses.

Currently the checked in DBFile.WebApp and DBFile.WinApp tester projects are both set to default to the WcfFileProvider and has an internal ip address for the dev fabric I last used on my machine … so you’ll need to fix this if you play around with it.

The next feature I want to add will be to move to a directory structure, so you can have files in multiple directories not just a single directory like the current implementation.  Once I get this enhancement done, I can then create the next Reflector addin on my list which will allow me to download dll’s on an Azure machine to view in Reflector…

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