Things I miss about Seattle

by Jason Haley 9. January 2010 08:25

Today I ran across a blog entry that really made me miss Seattle. 

We’ve been back in the Boston area now for almost 6 months, but lately I’ve been thinking about Seattle and missing some things.  I know some of the things I miss have to do with where we lived then (downtown) vs. where we live now, but none the less I’m missing something I use to have.

1.  Pike Place Market

One of the regular things I use to do on weekend mornings was walk to the market (only a block away) and get breakfast to take back to the apartment.  Le Panier, had the best chocolate croissants.   Cinnamon Works had the best wheat sticky buns.  Piroshky-Piroshky was always a nice treat (learned you only need 1 per person … though you think you can have more).  Pike Place Bagel Bakery was always a good and cheap place to get our bagel fix.  Don’t forget to pickup some Starbucks on the way home … of course you had your choices where to pick that up.

2.  All the Cafes

That is probably one of the biggest things I miss – cafes on every block.  Though I prefer Starbucks’ sumatra drip coffee in the morning, I like espresso drinks in the afternoon … which seems to be an art form most New Englanders don’t get. Caffe Ladro was my favorite place to get a vanilla latte and for meeting friends after work (open until 9pm – which was hard to find downtown).  Though a favorite during the weekday (when I would have to walk the 7 blocks to work) was Monorail Espresso

On the weekends when I wanted to seclude myself to read or write in my journal the best place was Starbucks on the corner of Union and 6th.  It was close enough to the shopping area to be open on weekends but it was on a corner where most shoppers didn’t stop by … so it was quiet.  Interesting thing about the building that Starbucks is in – you can get to 2 other Starbucks (on a business day) in the same building (or at least without going outside) … that’s 3 of them in one ‘connected’ building on 1 block.  Another interesting multiple Starbucks location was the QFC strip mall at Factoria … as small as it was there are two Starbucks in that strip mall.

I’m sure I could keep adding to this list of things I miss … but writing it is making me miss it more – so I’ll add to it some other day.  Maybe I’ll have to make a trip into Cambridge this afternoon and get me a latte at Crema Cafe - its the best cafe I’ve found around Boston so far …

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