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Personal Update, November 2019

This year has gone by way too fast. On one hand, I have left way too many goals on the todo list and not accomplished nearly as much as I wanted – but on the other hand I have surpassed what I thought I would do … which shows the unbalanced nature of my life so far this year.

Recently I’ve been listening to Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism audio book and last week started a 30 day period without Twitter, LinkedIn, news sites or watching news on TV. The book really made me realize, how often I was checking Twitter for the latest update or the news for anything that had happened since the last time I checked it – especially the week I was at Ignite. What. a. waste. of. time.

This past week, without those distractions, I’ve realized I need to structure my downtime and find more leisure activities and other learning topics to do with my time (work in progress).

And in case you are wondering how last week went - did I miss Twitter or the news sites? No, not even close. I found I was more present in conversations, conference calls and life in general.

Though, since I have been using Twitter to share my thoughts for awhile now – I did have the urge to share a few thoughts or things I found interesting. Not having Twitter as a platform to do that right now is probably a motivating factor of why I am writing this blog post.

I ran 3 half marathons in new states this year (Louisiana, Rhode Island and Vermont). I have also kept my running miles up and am planning on a full (and maybe an ultra) marathon sometime next year. I started thinking about running an ultra listening to David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds audio book earlier this year. I’ve now listened to that book twice. Great book!

I’ve been an independent consultant now for 10 years this month.

This year has been all about getting more advanced experience with containers, Kubernetes, Azure and .NET Core. In doing so, I’ve spent way too much time working and learning – which is the main reason a lot of other goals did not get accomplished. I have given a few presentations on Azure Kubernetes Service and written a few posts for other blogs about Kubernetes (one even got posted on Kubernetes.io blog: Get started with Kubernetes (using Python)) but there is more I want to share – I just haven’t taken the time to structure it yet.

The North Boston Azure Cloud User Group is still going strong. We have still been meeting on a regular basis. The DevBoston group has not gone as well – only 2 meetings this year.

I have some ideas in mind for a couple of workshops on containers and Kubernetes that I want to organize this winter, but nothing announced yet.

Boston Code Camp #32 is next weekend, I’m looking forward that that. I’ll be giving my Going Independent talk again for anyone interested on what its like to be an independent consultant.

Until next time …