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Talk: Securing Your Web Application in Azure with a WAF

Last night I spoke at the Boston Azure User Group. The slides are available here: Securing Your Web Application in Azure with a WAF

As I mentioned last night, this is the first edition of the talk, I plan on giving it to my user group next month (October) and again at the Boston Code Camp in November – so if you have any feedback please let me know I’d love to improve the content.

I want to work more demos into the presentation next time … and of course get them all to work (1 demo didn’t work last night).

Here are some of the useful links mentioned last night:

Next time for the demos I’m going to look at using the OWASP Juice Shop webapp

Talk: Design Azure Web Apps and Mobile Apps

Wednesday and Thursday of this week (Sept 27 – 28) I helped out with the second round of 70-534 Architecting Azure Solutions Event in NYC (the Boston event was Sept 14 - 15).  Microsoft is organizing these events in many cities currently in the mid-west and east coast.

My talk was on Web and Mobile Apps.  There were about 40 – 50 people in the room and around 200 on the simulcast.

BTW: if you are interested in having an event streamed you should check out Nelco Media.

One of the links I mentioned for people who are studying for the exam: Exam prep for Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions, 70-534 it has the exam OD’s linked to the corresponding landing area in the Azure documents.

My presentation can be downloaded on github here and here are links to the labs for the Web Apps and the Mobile Apps