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Update on Azure Cloud Certification Studying

I can’t believe it is now June and I have not taken any of the exams yet.  Very Disappointing.  Time to get back on the wagon.

The first 6 weeks of this year were great for my studying, then I fell off the wagon.  Life happened, I got busy with work, then with other Azure topics for things like the Global Azure Bootcamp and various other talks that I’ve given this year … and I lost my focus on the exams.

The past two weeks I watched about 18 hours of Build 2016 videos in preparation for my Azure 101 talk.  There are so many good Build talks that I haven’t even watched yet … but I need to stop and get back to the exams.

In the next month, I plan on taking 70-532.  I’m using Dan Stolts blog for studying advice: Azure Cloud Certification Jump Start 70-532, 70-533, 70-534 Exam Preparation

Oh, I’m also starting North Boston Azure Cloud User Group for people interested in Azure but find it hard to make it into Cambridge to the Boston Azure Cloud User Group

I’m still looking for a host for the user group until Microsoft moves to Burlington this fall – if you are a company in the Burlington MA area are interested in hosting us until October please contact me!

Talk: Practical WebJobs SDK and Extensions

Thursday night I presented at the Boston Azure user group.  My talk was “Practical WebJobs SDK and Extensions” to a mixed group of people with Azure and WebJobs experience and some who didn’t have any experience with Azure yet.

My deck is here: Practical WebJobs SDK and Extensions.pptx

My demo script is here: Practical WebJobs SDK and Extensions – Demo Script.pdf

The zip of all prepped demos and the live demo folder (the one we created in the talk) are her: Demos.zip

The Cheat Sheet that I referred is here: Azure WebJobs SDK Cheat Sheet 2014.pdf