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Boston Azure Bootcamp 2016

This year for the Azure Bootcamp I presented Azure WebJobs and Websites.  We spent more time on the WebJobs topic and hands on lab than we did with the web sites lab.  The websites talk was the last of the day … and its really hard to get people to do a hands on lab late on a Saturday after being there all day.

For anyone who is interested in my material (presentations, hands on labs and code) – it is all in the https://github.com/JasonHaley/BostonAzureBootcamp2016Material github repository.

I really tried to focus on some real world useful topics with the Webjobs HOL … and of course, I’ve been recommending it to people I’ve been working with that are just learning what they can do with WebJobs.

The WebJob HOL (and the included code) includes the following sections:

  1. Create a Console Application project for the WebJob functionality
  2. Setup a storage account to use with the WebJob
  3. Add a function to the WebJob to watch a queue for Orders and then save to Blob storage
  4. Add a test function to verify the queue and blob logic works
  5. Modify the logic to use a custom NameResolver
  6. Modify the logic to use a custom trace writer
  7. Add functionality to save the Products to a storage table
  8. Add functionality to send an email once the order is processed
  9. Add a function to handle poison messages on the Orders queue to send out an email
  10. Add a function that emails when a certain number of error have happened
  11. Deploy the WebJob to Azure

If anyone uses it and has any suggestions or feedback, please let me know.