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Studying for the Azure Solutions Architect Certification

One of my professional goals this year is to get the Azure Solutions Architect Certification.  I’ve been using Azure for a long time (since before the silverlight portal) and now I figure it is time to have Microsoft certify that I know something … besides that I want to follow the study guides to explore some of the parts that I don’t have so much experience with (like networking and some usages of the virtual machines).

This month (January) I started studying for the 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam.  So far I am on schedule to take the exam either the 3rd or 4th week of February.

I have collected quite a few links for study material – which I plan on aggregating into a blog post soon.

First I am focusing on the material covered in the exam – but I know I am going to need to start brushing up on my exam taking skills soon too.

Anyone else out there also studying for these exams this year?

Working on a new presentation–Webjobs in depth

This week, I’m working on an abstract/outline for a new Webjobs talk for the next Boston Code Camp (April 2, 2016).

At the last Boston Code Camp, I presented Azure Websites and Webjobs.  Covering both of those topics in a single talk doesn’t allow you to get into as much detail as I like to see technical presentations get.  So, this time around I want to dive deeper into just webjobs.

Things I’d like to see in a detailed webjobs talk:

  • Overview of types of webjobs and how to create
    • Including file system/directory structure
    • Special files and their meanings
  • Overview of Kudu and its role in webjobs
  • Intro to WebJobs SDK
  • Code examples of a few of the WebJobs SDK bindings and triggers
  • Info on WebJobs SDK extensions
  • Simple example of writing your own extension (also want to put a singular presentation together for this topic)

Problem is – time limit will most likely be between 60- 90 min.  So I’ll need to figure out what I can fit into that time limit.

Does anyone have something else they would like to see in the session?

Personal Blog Update - Q1 2016

It has now been more than 6 years since we moved back from Seattle, when I decided to not get another “real job” and instead give “"being an independent consultant” a try.  A lot has happened in that time … and I have shared very little of it (good and bad) in this blog.

Last year I restarted this blog, threw away all the link blog history and planned on creating a great source of content for others to consume … that plan failed.  It failed due to me raising the bar on the level of quality for the content I wanted to provide.  I wanted it to be article/whitepaper worthy material – a complete change from the previous content I had provided before.  To me that meant: I needed code samples, screen shots and real world problems to describe before I could put a blog together.  In looking back at 2015, the real world problems happened (that would have been great blog posts), but I couldn’t get past the time commitment it takes to put together that higher level of content about the problems – so hardly anything ever made it into the blog.  It is time for a change.

So going forward, I’m still not going to be ‘link blogging’ anymore.  I’m quite happy being a consumer of: http://www.alvinashcraft.com/, http://blog.cwa.me.uk/, http://www.dirkstrauss.com/ and http://regulargeek.com/ (to name a few).  If you want to know some of the links that I do find interesting in the morning, you can follow me on twitter (@haleyjason), I do often tweet links as I find them worthy of a good read.

I am now going to focus on blogging about the stuff I care about and am interested in … and that will mostly not be article/whitepaper worthy stuff