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What Happened?

What Happened?
As some of you know about 14 months ago, I stopped blogging.  Just stopped.  I even stopped reading blogs - but what most people noticed is that I stopped putting my "Interesting Finds" daily link blog together (or any other blog content)

A little background may help with that answer.  I started blogging on my own site in Feb 2004.  Blogging was fun for me back then - the blog-o-sphere was new, interaction between readers was fun, there were always comments about posts, emails, etc.  At that point in time, facebook, google plus, twitter weren't dividing the conversation (and your focus) into a million pieces.  Blogs were where the conversations were taking place.  

Over the 10 year period between 2004 and 2014, things changed a lot in the blog-o-sphere.  The conversation (ie . comments, backlinks, posts that were responses to other people's posts) moved on to other places - like facebook and twitter. Comments stopped.  Interaction stopped.  

My blog posts became more and more link blogs that contained things that I wanted to read ... but little by little I was reading less and less of what I put in those link blogs.  After awhile my blog 'reading' habit became simply scanning the titles of my Feedly unread entries. My blog writing simply became the copying and pasting of links.  Very unsatisfying and not why I started blogging in the first place.  

Early in Feb 2014, I simply decided one morning that I no longer needed to do this chore of putting a link blog together every morning.  

I know there are some followers that used to read many more of my Interesting Finds links than I ever got a chance to.  To you followers: thanks for following.  I hope you also have moved on to find other link blogs to fill the void.  There are several good ones out there.

My days of daily link blogging are over.